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Before & After X-Rays

Lateral Cervical Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment X-Rays

45 yr. old construction worker with severe, chronic LB pain

Complete loss of curve;
45mm FHP
C5-6 disc degeneration
Skull-Atlas compression


4 weeks later, Normal Curve;
0mm FHP, C5-6 disc improved
C5-6 disc degeneration
Skull-Atlas normal, All LB pain gone

AP Cervical Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment X-Rays:

50 year old salesman with chronic neck pain, Recurring arm numbness and severe tipping of ribs to right.



6 weeks later, 90% correction;
Arm numbness is gone
Greatly improved rib alignment

AP Lumbar Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment X-Rays:

8 year old boy with recurring stomach cramping and severe constipation

Note the curvature in the mid-lower back.


6 weeks later, no more stomach cramping and constipation gone.
Spinal curvature dramatically reduced.

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